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Explaining UI Design

UI design or User interface design is nothing but the process of building interfaces in computerized and software devices mainly by focusing on style or looks. Designers are mainly created to make the users happy and hence they should be pleasurable. UI design is the major part of the design which is typically referred to as a graphical user interface. But in most of the cases, it even includes another type of designs like voice-controlled ones as well.

User Delight and UI Design

User interfaces are nothing but the best access points where users can come and interact with the actual design. Through graphical user interface designs or GUI it is possible to control faces and panels. Through voice-controlled interfaces you can manage oral-auditory interaction. There are gesture-based interfaces and they are used for witnessing and engaging users using 3D designs.

User interface design is used to build an essential part of user experience. Users usually judge designs through likeability and usability. Designers pay attention to building interfaces so that users find it efficient and highly usable. Hence keeping in mind the user contexts is highly crucial in designing. It should be made possible for users to achieve all their goals through user interface designs easily and effortlessly.

It is very important to make the created interface effectively invisible rather than depositing icons on the screen. Users should be provided with user interfaces so that they can easily interact with the reality of the tasks. For example, if we look at the casual dating app Local Fuck App, the meet and fuck in your city feature is accessed by a button labeled as such. When a user clicks that button they are taken to a map that shows nearby casual daters. This is a good example of explicit interface features that operate intuitively.

UI vs. UX Design

Here UI can be understood as one of the parts in UX design. The majority of the users get confused with UI and UX but they are not the same. UI is majorly concerned and aimed with the entire surface and even overall feel in a design. But, when it comes to UX it is about the entire spectrum of the user experience. When the UI is driving console, UX can be understood as the entire vehicle. It is very important to create pleasing aesthetics in GUIs as well as animations for conveying the values of an organization. Through these elements you can end up in creating maximum usability as well.

Great UIs- How to Build?

An organization should always aim to deliver impressive GUIs. The designers should understand that users are humans and they need comfort when they are interacting with the design. They always expect low cognitive loads. This is the reason designers should follow the right guidelines when they are creating GUIs.

  • There are many common elements like buttons that can perform high predictability. Users can use these elements and a form must always follow function
  • It is very important to maintain a high level of discoverability
  • Include well-indicated affordances and label icons clearly
  • The interfaced should be simple and try to create an invisible feel
  • Every element in the design should serve a purpose
  • When it comes to designing a layout, always respect the user’s attention and eye regarding the layout. The highest focus should be given to readability and hierarchy
  • The number of alignment lines should always be minimized. It is better to choose edge alignment

It is very important to draw attention to key features. This can be done using:

  • Contrast, brightness, and color
  • There is no need to use buttons and colors excessively
  • Text can be highlighted via bold and sizes. It can be changed to italics if needed. Pay attention to the distance between letters and capitals. Just by scanning the content, users should be able to pick up meaning
  • The number of actions for performing a task should be reduced. But there should be one chief function that exists per page. You can make use of preferred actions for guiding users. It is possible to ease highly complex tasks through making use of progressive disclosure
  • There should control near all kinds of objects users want to control on their own
  • For responses and actions, there should be a well-designed system
  • It is possible to reduce user burdens by using defaults
  • It is better to utilize reusable design patterns in guiding the behavior of search functions and navigation
  • Brand consistency should be maintained through the design. So, all the pages should use similar design elements and users should be able to relate from one page to another

It is very important to offer nest steps that users can deduce naturally irrespective of their context. The best interface is defined as no interface and it is the one which directs user easily. The interface should be easily accessible and comfortable to control. The main aim here should be to make users forget that they are using your design.

When designing a user interface the designer should always analyze and try to make things simpler. It is always better to create the user interface keeping in mind the user’s comfort and ease. The interface should be responsive and meantime invisible.