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Minimalism in Web Design

Web design can be defined as the language one, which is used by the people. Designers tend to add too many elements to make the website attractive. However, this leads to unnecessary details that do not support or are helpful for the user’s task.

It is necessary to add just those elements into the website, which makes it look simple to use yet attractive enough to bring users and visit the site. Web designers seldom misinterpret the meaning of minimalism and remove essential elements to achieve the former thing. Therefore it is important what is minimalism in web design, how it works, and benefits the users.

What is the minimalist interface on a website?

Understanding the history of minimalism will allow the web designer to incorporate this concept into the interface. It started in the 1960s after the famous German art movement was led, which mainly focused on a functional yet simple design. It was mostly limited to visual art.

It later started taking its shape as a trend within the technological human-computer interaction, where first it began with pint media and gradually made its way to the web interface. The search engine giant Google is known as the ‘pioneer of minimalism in web designing.’

Later in 2013, various tech giants started using the concept of minimalism in their interface. Now the idea of minimalism has started taking place in websites of online publications, e-commerce, and even educational sites.

If minimalism is employed correctly, it achieves the goal of presenting the features and content of a website in an effortless and direct way, which provides as little distraction as possible to the user. The web designer must understand the need and importance of the website and should try to support the user by providing the content which fulfills the primary goal of the interface. Analyzing the features which satisfy the needs and also optimizes the profitability is essential.

How can one add minimalism in web sites?

Web designers usually get confused as to what features are to be added to make the content minimalist and not incomplete. Below are some features which can be included in a website to make it the minimalist touch.

  • Flat textures and patterns- One must avoid using unnecessary shadows, gradients, and composition and must try to use larger containers and layout strategies.
  • A monochromatic palette for colors– Web designers must try to add one bold color or monochromatic color as an accent to highlight the crucial elements.
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  • Restriction on features and elements- One must eliminate all the features which do not support the website to the core and makes the access difficult for the user.


Minimalism in the web interface has significant influence over the content and the architectural decisions of the website. It makes an impact on usability and may also turn out to be beneficial for increasing traffic and attracting users. If minimalism is performed carefully, one can come up with an aesthetically attractive interface that gets a better response.