Web Design Trends To Watch

web design trends

In the past few years, internet has changed and it has revolutionized many things. It has introduced many things like AMP, AI, VR, and even AR. There are many acronyms which we can name which are the gifts of Internet. Even in 2019, we have seen new web design trends that are very useful and interesting.

The new trends in web designing have started abandoning traditional vibrant illustrations of stock photos, bold color schemes, and even asymmetrical layouts. Because of the revolutionary advancements in technologies, we can see websites with the smartest features. Today websites are also backed up with subtle interactions and machine learning. Due to all these, there are a lot of changes that can be observed in web design trends.

Here are a few web design trends of 2019. But this list is not the limit since there is no end for creative innovation in web design trends.

  • Black and white palettes
  • Serifs on screen
  • Organic and natural shapes
  • Glitch art
  • Chatbots evolve
  • Micro-interactions
  • Minimalism
  • Rich video content
  • Diversity
  • Navigation which is thumb-friendly

Palettes with black and white color

One of the very important elements of a website is color. Color is something that is capable of changing your mood. Along with that color can uniquely identify the brand. Color can also create highly effective visual landmarks that can guide users through specified interfaces. In 2019, the color combination black-and-white is making highly impressive statements.

Color is something through which we see the world through light particle absorption. Think of the situation when color is completely missing from this world, when this happens we may start seeing the world differently. When there is no color, shapes and textures will be clearer. White represents clean and where black represents assertive and strong. Through combing these two colors it is possible to get striking look.

Serifs on the screen

We already know that serifs are meant for print whereas sans serifs are used for the screen. Since sans provide high readability, they are preferred for longer bouts of the websites. Today most of the brands are choosing old serifs mainly for callouts and headers. Serifs can be utilized for decorations since they can provide right emphasis. Even though serifs are something which is connected to the past, they can offer varieties of characters and along with that they are highly adaptable.

Organic shapes

Even though most of the web pages are set for systematic grids, today most of the designers are picking smooth lines and natural shapes. Geometric shapes like triangles, rectangles, and squares usually create a high sense of stability but when it comes to 2019 web design trends they are more towards comfort and accessibility.

The majority of the organic shapes are asymmetrical and imperfect as well. They have the capability to create depth into the web design which results in page elements more and more highlighted. Organic shapes are based on nature.

Glitch art

Without some type of retro design, it is challenging to complete any trend. Think of glitch art as retro which is gone wrong. Glitches are considered highly significant especially in this era. Today is the world where machines are taking over but meantime humans have also realized that without the presence of machines they cannot live.


These are nothing but events that have a response. Hence when designing it is very important to create the events which are human and inviting. Micro-interaction is nothing but the response you received for the action you performed on your website. For example you hear a beep whenever you refresh your Twitter page. This is nothing but micro-interaction. In case of Facebook there will be a red icon for displaying the unread messages. This is the micro-interaction on Facebook. Dating sites/apps like Bumble, Hinge, and Tinder have strong examples of micro-interactions when members match with other members.

Evolution of Chatbots

Even though chatbots existed for long, they came into spotlight in the year 2019. The main reason behind this was advancements happened in the field of machine learning and AI. Due to these two technologies, chatbots have become more efficient and intelligent. In coming years, chatbots can be seen in more and more pages on the web and they may also come with highest level of customization.

Final thoughts

With all these new web trends web designers are having fun and they are trying to make use of all these trends in the websites they are developing. All the new trends are really amazing and especially diversity.

The Internet is capable of connecting people from all over the world. It has united people of different ages, cultures, abilities, and identities. People who want to see themselves in their content are able to make it through internet. Along with making use of technology, today people are able to open up themselves with the world in front of them. This was difficult without the presence of internet. Today it is very easy to reach out to the world and express yourself just by owning a website or by creating an account on social media.

Author: OK Webmaster